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The Clinical Standard Operating Procedures (CSOPs) contained within this page were developed by the Emergency Medical Retrieval and Transfer Service (EMRTS) Cymru for its own use. They are based on the best evidence and national guidance available at the time of writing. They have been reviewed internally, and externally by an expert group where indicated. They are intended to be used by staff working within the governance structures of EMRTS, and as such any external viewers should treat them as background information only. 

Copies should not be printed or distributed widely without permission of the EMRTS. Please be aware that uncontrolled copies may rapidly become obsolete, since our CSOPs are subject to change as part of regular and ad-hoc review by the service. 


If you have any suggestions, or would like to reference these SOPs, please make contact with the office via the contact us page

By accessing the information, you indicate that you will treat the information contained within the resource as background information only, and that you will adhere to your own professional and organisational guidelines. 


The EMRTS cannot take any liability for use of the information contained within this resource outside of the context of EMRTS-governed activity.


Please click here to download the Clinical SOP's