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The Critical Care Practitioner Fellowship - FAQs

CPPs and helicopter 

What is the Fellowship programme?

This 12 month programme provides an opportunity to work alongside the EMRTS duty crew gaining valuable exposure and experience of critical care medicine in the pre-hospital and transfer environments.

Who is it aimed at?

The programme is to designed to provide an opportunity to those clinicians who don’t yet have the necessary qualifications or experience working within this environment. If you are already practising at an advanced level, then this programme probably isn’t suited to your needs.

What will the programme give me?

Work alongside highly motivated colleagues. Exposure to high acuity incidents. Increased knowledge of pre-hospital critical care. Improved clinical managementand decision making skills. All of which can be recorded within the CCPf portfolio.

Is this programme only open to current ITU and ED nurses, or does this include those with past experience?

Yes you are welcome to apply but you will need to demonstrate that the current role gives you demonstrable skills as per the person specification in the job description. We will be looking for people with demonstrable Pre Hospital Experience.

Is this a paid role? 

No. The programme is a voluntary basis, therefore we do request a letter of support from your line manager. This is to make all parties aware of the Fellowship’s working week and that the candidate can demonstrate they will have sufficient rest periods which will not impact their normal working time.

What is the time commitment for the programme?

This is a 12 month fellowship opportunity where we offer ideally 2 shifts a month. We will work as far as practically possible with the individual fellows to fit in these shifts around your rotas. The details of how this works will be explained to the successful candidates.

Is this opportunity open to those outside of Wales?

Currently the programme is only open to those with an NHS Wales employment contract.

Do you have any tips for my application?

Read the personal specification and critically appraise yourself and skills against the essential and desirable criteria. Make sure you illustrate how you meet the criteria in the personal specification.

What will the selection process look like?

The selection process will consist of a review of all applications received which will be undertaken by a panel of senior EMRTS staff. Post review, we will invite those shortlisted to submit a portfolio of evidence against the personal specification in the job description. The submitted portfolio should include a summary of courses and qualifications achieved to-date. Additionally, any further information (such as case reviews/reflections related to critical care incidents attended) should be included. You will also need to submit a written letter of support from your organisation outlining their support and direct recommendation of your suitability to undertake the programme. This should be completed by your clinical lead/direct line manager.

After this review, a number of shortlisted applicants will be invited for an informal interview with CCP Leads (either F2F or via Teams).



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